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The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Vinegar and Why it May Be the Perfect Supplement to Your Diet

coconuts on coconut tree

What is Coconut Vinegar?  You may not have heard of coconut vinegar until now, but it is a culinary staple of Southeast Asia, namely the Philippines as well as India and Sri Lanka. Instead of coming from the coconut itself, the vinegar is made from the fermentable sap of the coconut tree.    Although the… Read more.

The Elderberry—a Natural ‘Medicine Chest’

elderberries growing

The elderberry has been recognized for its many health benefits since 400 B.C.E. when Hippocrates, often called the “Father of Modern Medicine” called it a “medicine chest”. Learn about the health benefits elderberries can offer just in time for flu season!

Adrenal Stress and How Your Body can naturally Recover?


If you are among scores of people who suffer from constant fatigue unrelieved by rest and sleep, you may be suffering from chronic stress which is known as adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. Easy, relaxed lifestyle that our grandparents lived, no longer exists. Our daily schedules are packed with deadlines and we spend major portion of… Read more.